Automotive Car Lifts - Their Utility and Effectiveness

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They have base plates designed for low ceiling garages. They can also be adjusted for different height settings. They are helpful for homeowners who demand highest quality at affordable prices. The stability of a 2 post automotive lift is dependent on the proper installation of the anchor bolts and the quality of the concrete on which it is installed. They generally fit into any area as there are only two columns and folding arms which require less folding space than bigger automotive spaces. Due to its functionality mechanics prefer these lifts over others.

Each column has two arms that can be adjusted to lift a vehicle. They are either symmetric or asymmetric. Symmetric ones balance out the weight of the car evenly. Asymmetric ones have about a fifth of the car sticking out from the front. They are bolted to the floor, i.e., they are fixed and cannot be moved from one place to another. However, the thing to keep in mind is that the lifts should be able to handle weight o the vehicle.

4 post car lifts are about 7000 lbs in weight and are called so because they include four columns which hold on the weight of the vehicle. In case of four wheelers, each tire is placed on each side. They are mostly used for commercial purposes. They can be easily turned from one parking space into two. Its versatility lies in the fact that it has good storage capacity.

4 post hoist is a very reliable car raise. They allow vehicles to get well positioned and lifted in an easy manner and are used for wheel alignment and brake repairs. It can raise a vehicle to an adjustable height till six feet and can be used for wheel alignment, wheel changing, chassis inspection and many other such jobs. Its double safety system permits that it has eccentric brakes and pneumatic-controlled ratchets. Its convenience lies in the fact that it is mounted on a roller unit, is adjustable, retched rails in each column are adjustable.

4 post lift range from 9000 to 16000 lbs in weight and are very affordable. They are good for engine, transmission and exhaust work, which is generally stable and relies on simple gravity and mass. They can have rolling jacks but they come at a more expensive price.

Thus, car lifts or automotive lifts are useful in lifting and hoisting of vehicles for industrial as well as domestic purposes.

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Automotive Car Lifts - Their Utility and Effectiveness

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This article was published on 2013/08/31