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With the large amount of time you are in you automobile these days, it is a good idea to understand some things about your windscreen London.  There is industry research that shows some things about auto windscreen damage through some studies conducted.  When you get chips or cracks in your windscreen, stress can make them spread and crack more and be a whole lot worse than the original damage to the glass.  There are several stressors that can affect the glass damage and what it does.  Extreme temperatures, whether it is hot or cold, driving the vehicle, and stress such as driving over bumps or potholes can cause the cracks and chips in your car’s windscreen to run or spread rather quickly.  For this reason, you will probably want to get the windscreen repaired as quickly as possible to prevent further damage and possibly save you a lot of time and money.

When you drive over potholes or speed bumps or other rough road conditions and you already have a chip in your windscreen London it can cause the chip to crack.  There is pressure and force that travels through the car when you experience these conditions that put more pressure on the chip in the glass, which can cause it to crack.  It is undetermined how long this process will take as it could happen the day you get the chip in your glass, or it could be months down the road.  However, studies show that if the chip goes unrepaired, it will eventually crack.

Cold weather can also cause a lot of stress on a windscreen London.  Windscreens actually develop a little bit different shape when they are in cold temperatures.  When this occurs, the car windscreen chips or damaged areas are more likely to run in a horizontal direction.  When the temperatures are about 14 degrees, the studies show that the chips will spread about three quarters of the time or higher.  If you can quickly repair your chipped windscreen, you can likely avoid this further damage.

Many people don’t realize that warm weather can also cause a chip to spread in a windscreen London.  The opposite effect of cold weather occurs in warm weather and the chip is more likely to spread vertically.  The heat causes the auto glass to take a different shape which can actually cause a crack in the windscreen by itself.

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Windscreen Chips

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This article was published on 2012/03/22